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School Uniform

At Foxdell, we expect every pupil to wear the correct school uniform at all times.

We believe that school uniform:

  • promotes a sense of pride and equality;
  • creates a feeling of community and belonging;
  • identifies the children with the school;
  • supports our commitment to inclusion;
  • is designed with health and safety in mind;
  • fosters the feeling of belonging and pride in their school;
  • is practical, smart and considered good value for money by most parents.


    Reception to Year 2

    Years 3-6

    School Uniform

    White polo shirt

    Grey trousers/ skirt/ pinafore dress

    Grey or white tights

    Black shoes

    Royal blue v-neck  jumper/ cardigan with the school logo

    Royal blue bookbag with the school logo

    White collared shirt

    Grey trousers/ skirt/ pinafore dress

    Grey or white tights

    Black shoes

    Royal blue v-neck jumper/ cardigan with the  school logo

    Blue and white school tie

    Royal blue bookbag with the school logo (optional)

    PE Kit

    Plain white t-shirt

    Royal blue shorts or plain black bottoms/ leggings

    Plain black or white trainers/ plimsolls


    Plain white t-shirt

    Royal blue shorts or plain black bottoms/ leggings

    Plain black or white trainers


    On PE days children will still be required to wear their royal blue school jumper

    Head scarf  (Optional)

    We acknowledge that some families may want their child to wear a headscarf in school, if this is the case, the headscarf must be tightly fitted, shoulder length and royal blue or black. We have a small stock of headscarves for sale from the school office.


    Purchasing school uniform

    Our uniform provider is Prestige Design & Workwear Limited. Please note this is the school's only recommended supplier and we would ask parents to avoid using other suppliers. Please visit their website to order jumpers, cardigans, ties and bookbags. Orders can be collected free of charge form their store or from school. They can also be delivered to your home, but there will be a delivery charge. Please click the link below:

                                               Prestige Design & Workwear Ltd


    School shirts, polo shirts, PE t-shirts, school trousers, PE shorts and jogging bottoms are widely available in shops such as Tesco, Asda, Matalan, Primark and Sainsbury's.


    Second Hand Uniform

    Second hand uniform may be available to purchase from the Level Trust Uniform Exchange. Please click the link below:

    Level Trust Uniform Exchange


    The school also may have a few items of donated good condition uniform available. Please contact the School Office or a Family Worker if you would like further information.


    If you would like to donate your child's pre-loved, good condition, outgrown, clean uniform items to school so that they can be passed along to someone in need, please bring them into the School Office.


    Pupil Premium
    If you are in receipt of Pupil Premium then the school will continue to provide one set of school uniform for your child which will include a school jumper, White school shirt/ polo, tie for children in Years 3-6, book bag for children in Reception to Year 2, white PE t-shirt and royal blue shorts. You will be required to purchase trousers/ skirt, black shoes and trainers.

    A Google order form will be emailed to all the parents of Pupil Premium children in the summer term. This must be completed and returned as soon as possible.

    We expect all of our children to start the new school year in the new uniform.

    Jewellery and Hair

    Due to Health and Safety reasons, wearing jewellery of any kind can be dangerous as it may get caught or accidentally pulled which can cause a painful and unpleasant accident.

    The exceptions to this rule are:

    • small ear-ring studs in pierced ears
    • small objects of religious significance


    Children are required to remove any items of jewellery during PE, games and swimming to prevent injury. Please note: Teachers are not permitted to remove earrings.


    Long hair should be tied back. Extreme hairstyles are not appropriate for school. The use of styling products should be kept to a minimum and children should not have decorative patterns cut into their hair or have hair coloured or dyed.  Children are not allowed to wear any makeup or nail varnish.



    Children may wear a basic, inexpensive, analogue watch to help them to learn to read the time. Watches must be removed for PE. It must be stressed that the school does not accept responsibility for their damage or loss. Smart Watches are not allowed.



    We do not allow children to wear shoes with platform soles or high heels due to health and safety reasons. Likewise, open-toed sandals are not appropriate as they leave feet unprotected. All children are required to wear plain black shoes that are comfortable and provide support. 


    We are very grateful to parents and carers for supporting the school and ensuring that their child is always wearing full school uniform. If you do experience difficulties in meeting our uniform requirements then please speak to us and we will do our best to help you to resolve the issue.

    Paper copies of information on this website are available upon request.